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Product Description

XLinearVision Digital Intraoral X-ray Sensor

--Revolution in dental imaging by photon counting detection technology



Direct Imaging Enables Clearer Images and High Reliability

Of its high technical requirements and costs, photon-counting is an emerging technology in clinical CT. Xpectvision is the world’s first to apply the latest photon-counting technology to dentistry, resulting in direct imaging, avoiding the interference of light scattering from conventional indirect imaging, and ensuring image acquisition stability.

The broad dynamic range eliminates time-consuming fine-tuning of exposure to produce a clinical image. 

Adjust contrast and brightness to meet different clinical requirements. 


Cutting Edge Technology and Strict Tests Deliver Unrivaled Durability

The Xpectvision intraoral sensor uses silica-based chips instead of the traditional material, cesium iodide, avoiding image blurring or performance deterioration. 

500,000+ exposures and 100,000+ cable bending tests ensure performance under different working conditions. A shock-resistant and waterproof casing securely protects the sensor.


Ergonomic Design to Maximize Patient Comfort One of the Thinnest X-Ray Sensors on the Market

The sensor comes in 2 sizes for both adults and children, better meeting different clinical requirements.To better improve the diagnosis experience of patients, the Xpectvision sensor has a more compact design while guaranteeing an adequate sensor area. 

Sensor positioners help with quick positioning, significantly reducing patients’ discomfort and improving diagnostic efficiency.


Technical Specifications

  • Effective imaging area2.1*2.1cm (S) 2.5*3.0cm(L).

  • Grayscale≥16 bits (Highest in the industry).

  • Tested spatial resolution12-14Lp/mm.

  • ConnectionUSB connection/ Wireless.

  • Connection cable3m (Extendable).

  • Support systemWindows 7, 8, and 10.

Clinical Image

  • CE-传感器小.jpg

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