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Ergonomic design enables
Always-Ready exposures

Preset exposure dose
In addition, operators can quickly capture an image by applying a preset dose to the patient and teeth.

300+ exposures on a full charge
The XVbeam2000 supports up to 300+ exposures* on a single charge of its built-in battery.
T*(Exposure time: 0.5 sec)

Docking station
The XVbeam2000 is outfitted with an innovative docking station that enables its use whenever exposure is required. By returning the device to its docking station after each usage, it will be automatically recharged.

Secure strap
The XVbeam2000's strap design is more secure for users with smaller hands.

Features & Benefits


Stable power allows for clear images

The voltage and current of 65Kv and 2.6mA generate more power to penetrate the teeth and obtain clear images.

The focal spot size of 0.4mm significantly focuses more x-rays on the target teeth and produces a higher quality image on film or sensor.

Dual-protection design reduces user exposure to radiation

The safety of users is our priority. The XVbeam2000 features a dual-protection design.

External Backscatter Shielding

Disperse radiation occurs when the beam interacts with the patient's surface, causing radiation residuals to scatter. The backscatter shield significantly minimizes the operator's radiation dose.

Internal Protection

The internal radiation shielding is optimally constructed to shield the operator from radiation leakage.

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