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Photon counting imaging has the technical advantage of zero noise, which makes low-light flux X-ray imaging possible. It solves the technical shortcoming that traditional detectors cannot realize phase-contrast imaging. By adopting the principle of quasi-coaxial phase-contrast imaging, it solves the problem that grating method, interferometer method, diffraction enhancement method and other methods are difficult to be applied commercially. And absorbing materials with no difference in contrast. Such as pathological section, carbon fiber, etc., to meet the clinical, scientific research, industrial and other fields of application.

Features & Benefits


Photon counting X-ray detector:

direct conversion; large imaging area; fast imaging; robust and temperature-and-humidity tolerant

  • No coherent light required

  • 5µm focal size with high spatial resolution

  • With extremely high cost performance, strong maintainability

  • The largest phase-contrast imaging area


the principle of coaxial phase contrast imaging

Using the principle of coaxial phase contrast imaging, the detector is pulled far to a certain distance, the phase difference is captured by the large imaging surface array chip, and the phase information is obtained by the intensity information back operation to obtain the phase contrast image.


High grayscale

Phase contrast images can clearly distinguish the density difference, while traditional grayscale images can hardly distinguish the contour, and the details are blurred.


Pathology:Improve efficiency and save time

These pictures are the absorption image of cancer lesions, phase contrast image, and optical image. Phase contrast images(b, e) show very good contrast details, achieving the effect of pathological pictures, but eliminate the steps of freezing staining, accelerate the speed of pathological report output, reduce the waiting time of patients, and avoid postoperative diffusion and cancer recurrence.

Biology:Observe fine soft tissue structures

Insect phase-contrast imaging reduces the damage to biological samples, obtains fine soft tissue structures, promotes the rapid development of insect morphology research, promotes the research on the dynamic process and phylogenetic evolution of insect fossils, and solves the problem of less field of vision in traditional microscopes. Fluorescent treatment is not required.


Scientific Research:Empowering Life Sciences and Agricultural Sciences

Zebrafish can be used to study the basic issues of life sciences, reveal the molecular mechanism of embryonic and tissue organ development; it can construct various human disease and tumor models, and establish a research platform for drug screening and treatment; it can establish toxicology and aquatic breeding Model, study and solve major problems in environmental and agricultural sciences.


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