XcellentVision is a digital mammography system with independently developed photon-counting X-ray detector. It is a product of high performance-to-price ratio, and can be mass-produced to meet the demand of large-scale breast cancer screening.

Features & Benefits

Photon counting X-ray detector:

direct conversion; large imaging area; fast imaging; robust and temperature-and-humidity tolerant

  • Pixel size: 50~70 µm;

  • Grayscale: 16 bit;

Highly compatible:

Dicom 3.0 conformance; seamless integration with RIS/HIS/PACS; easy operation for exposure control, patient registration and image post-processing

Easy patient positioning

  • isocentric design with C-arm rotation from -1800~1800

  • Electric up and down movement of the tubestand; handrails on both sides

  • Control panel on either side of the tubestand

Comfortable patient experience

  • LED display of compression force, thickness and speed; automatic testing of the compression force

  • Electrical and manual movement adjustment

  • Dual footswitch

  • Fast release to reduce compression time


Ergonomic design for comfortable patient experience; user-friendly operation increases work efficiency

Clinical Images

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